Well, it’s been over a week now since Wrestlemania 30, which was admittedly the best Wrestlemania of the past few years overall. But while WM30 was an entertaining show overall, the biggest news coming out of the event was that the Undertaker suffered his first loss at Wrestlemania, thus ending the long-revered ’streak.’ I’ve always been on the “the streak never should have ended” boat, so suffice to say I was a bit baffled when the streak ended at WM30 (and to Brock Lesnar of all people). But after giving it a week, do I still feel the same way? Read more

Thoughts on the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct

Well, the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct went pretty much how I thought it would, but managed to throw in a good surprise or two. Read more

6th Year Anniversary! Also Big News!

April 6th, 2014 marks the sixth anniversary of Sloganyams.com! On April 6th 2008 I started blogging and whatnot (okay, so it kinda actually started Christmas 2007, but that was more like a test version of the site that I barely updated). Although this site began a lot more ‘jokey’ with the way I wrote reviews, I slowly but surely began taking things (relatively) more seriously. And now here we are, six years later, and I have achieved levels of half-decency!

But this sixth anniversary blog isn’t just here to give myself a pat on the back (though that’s definitely most of it), but I also have two big (again, relative) announcements to make.

The first is that my “Best Video Games” survey is finally complete! After nearly two years, I’ve finally tallied enough people’s lists of favorite games to begin work on my second “Best Video Games of All Time” list. I may not be able to give an exact date as to when I’ll finish writing up said list, but expect to see the results of my survey in the not-too-distant future!

The other big news is that I soon plan on making an additional site! That’s right, a brand new website! Starting over, hopefully smarter and wiser (but probably not), and most likely bigger than ever before! I can’t say when this new site will be up, or even give out its planned named at the moment. But hopefully in not too long you’ll be seeing a (relatively) more professional site from yours truly.

But what does this mean for this site, you may ask? Well, I still plan on updating this site. But obviously there might be a bit of an emphasis on the new site for a while. But don’t fret, I don’t plan on letting Sloganyams go anywhere. It’s done me a lot of good through these six years, and I’d never just abandon it. But it is time I branched out a little more with something a little fancier (cue the words “relatively speaking”).

I would now like to take this time (err…blog) to thank my faithful readers for reading this junk these past six years. And I hope I can continue to entertain you for many years to come, whether through this site or another (or something else entirely). It’s been a fun six years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Here’s to animated movies and video games!

Game of the Month: March 2014

The ‘Souls’ series is renowned for its tight gameplay, dark atmosphere, and brutal difficulty. And Dark Souls 2 (the strangely-named third entry in the series) carries the series mantle proudly. Read more

March 31

Frozen is the Highest-Grossing Animated Film Ever!

Disney announced today that Frozen has usurped Pixar’s Toy Story 3 as the highest-grossing animated film in history! It’s now also in the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time! While people expected a film under the Disney banner to be successful, I don’t think anyone quite saw this coming (at least, not if we were judging by the questionable marketing campaign).

Yet here it is. Frozen, a film that isn’t a sequel, an original screenplay (it’s “inspired” by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, but hardly an adaptation), stars two female characters, and tells a meaningful story. A stark contrast to the majority of movies that hold box office records.

Congratulations Frozen! I can’t think of a more deserving movie.

GBA Games Coming to Wii U April 3rd!

Well over a year after it was announced Gameboy Advance games were coming to the Wii U Virtual Console, it’s FINALLY happening! Read more

The Incredibles 2 is Finally Happening!

After nearly ten years, Pixar has finally announced a sequel to their one film that should actually have a sequel. Brad Bird, creator, writer and director of The Incredibles, is said to be back as the sequel’s writer. Let’s hope he also takes on directing duties. The man is currently 4 for 4 in directing outstanding films.

Oh yeah, Cars 3 was also announced. But whatevs.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review


In 2010 Retro Studios revived the Donkey Kong Country series in the form of Donkey Kong Country Returns. It was the best sidescroller of the last console generation, and was a great return for Nintendo’s original icon. Now in 2014, the twentieth anniversary of the original Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, Retro Studios is at it again. But is Tropical Freeze as good as its predecessor? Or does DK have a less-than stellar Wii U debut? Read more

Happy Mario Day!