Spirited Away’s Thirteenth Anniversary




Today, July 20 2014, marks the thirteenth anniversary of Spirited Away’s original release in Japan. Read more

Stuff Soon (I Hope)

Hey hey, everybody! Sorry for the lack of blogs lately (didn’t I apologize for the lack of blogs in my last blog? Uh oh…), hopefully I can get cracking on some more reviews and stuff soon. In the meantime, why not do something else?


Goku Soup


Eating is a good thing to do with your time.


Hello people! Thought I’d give a little update since, well, I’ve been slow at that as of late.


I’m still updating this site, so don’t worry your pretty little heads. I’ve just been a bit preoccupied recently planning my new site, singing Frozen songs, and just plain procrastinating. I plan on having some additional movie and game reviews on here soon, but more notably, I’m in the process of compiling that list of “best games of all time” from that survey I was doing. On a related note, you may have noticed in the upper-right corner of this site that I’ve added a “greatest games” page (now that I brought it up you just noticed it, right?). It’s basically just a quick means to access the 2011 list I made, and the upcoming list once it’s completed. I feel my blogs often get lost in obscurity (I mean, more than they already are) as I continue to update this site, and since these ‘best games’ lists are a relatively big endeavor, they should get some kind of highlight for easy access. Enjoy!


So yeah, stuff soon.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Review



How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the sequel to Dreamworks’ popular 2010 animated feature of a similar name (minus the ’2′). Dreamworks has had a bit of a shaky history with sequels, with some being worthy successors to the originals (Kung Fu Panda 2), while others have failed to carry on their franchise in any meaningful way (Shrek the Third). So how does How to Train Your Dragon fair in the ’2′ department? Read more

Godzilla Review



We all know what happened the last time an American studio tried a go with a Godzilla film. It wasn’t pretty. But is this 2014 reboot a shining new beginning for the king of the monsters? Or has history repeated itself?


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Top Nintendo Games from E3 2014

Now that E3 2014 has come and gone, it’s time to reflect on the big games from the show. Some we only caught glimpses of, while others were displayed in glorious, playable detail. This year Sony focused on the new features of the PS4, while Microsoft redeemed themselves of last year’s showing and showing that the Xbox One is indeed a gaming machine. Then there’s Nintendo. The Wii U console has had a rough first year and a half, to say the least. So Nintendo’s entire presence at E3 this year seemed to be a statement that, while their console may not be the most powerful or have the most technical features, it should be the place to go for some honest to goodness gaming. People could joke about Wii U all they want, but after E3, I think gamers would have to start making up excuses as to why they haven’t bought one. The following titles are the games that have me most excited for future of Nintendo’s console. Read more

Howl’s Moving Castle 9th US Anniversary



Howl’s Moving Castle was released in US cinemas nine years ago today. Howl-ppy anniversary! Ooh! Did I just type that?! Yikes! Anyway, Happy ninth Howl’s Moving Castle!

Quick Thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 “Digital Event”

Nintendo once again went the digital route for E3 this year, and the results were mostly successful.

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Quick Thoughts on Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Sony’s sowing at E3 included some strong games and maybe a surprise or two, but it also could feel overly stretched out and slowly paced. Read more

Quick Thoughts on Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

 Microsoft’s E3 press conference had some solid games, unfortunately, it also lacked any real surprises and played things a bit too safe. Read more